How Can Unified Communications Benefit Business Operations Today

How Can Unified Communications Benefit Business Operations Today


UCaaS also known as Unified Communications as a Service, is a service method that streamlines communications through a cloud-based phone system. This technology lets you run and organize your business transactions, specifically customer service, sans the help of an outsourced IT team. Instead, UCaaS providers will be in charge of the operations and you will just have to pay them.

While unified communications cover equipment used in communicating, such as voicemail, computer, videos, telephone, and email, UCaaS goes beyond the exchange of messages. UCaaS provides information about your clients, and integrates operations within and across your network. With this technology, you save time and effort, and still cater to your clients anytime. Moreover, UCaaS is accessible to businesses that only have a desk phone, a mobile phone, and a desktop.

Voice over IP Beats Operator-Assisted Communication

Back in the ’90s, customer service transactions went through an operator, who seemed to take forever to transfer calls. Even in the advent of the Internet Age, dial-up services did not improve customer service. If they have, they still lacked the mobility, flexibility, and efficiency provided at present by UCaaS. 

The desire of millennial users to have faster and cheaper service is translated to numerous calls to CSRs and frantic messages online. At times, one medium is not enough, and real-time communication is spread simultaneously in various channels, including social media.

Unified Communications, as the name puts it, makes communication services seamlessly integrated.

Benefits of UCaaS

Firstly, UCaaS has tremendously improved the productivity and efficiency of businesses. On-the-go operations managers can answer queries and do other tasks, even when they are at home. They don’t need fancy equipment; ordinary office gadgets can do the work. In addition, UCaaS now has a mobile application that makes access to its service easier. 

UCaaS has also replaced two almost obsolete technologies: voicemail and facsimile. Instead of these separate equipment (thus you doing two things), UCaaS makes it possible to merge these two by sending and receiving PDF and audio files. The result is less clutter and shorter waiting time.

Note that these files can be created and sent even with just a mobile phone in hand. Thus, you can work wherever and whenever you want, without setting up a complicated IT office or workstation. You just need a desk phone to connect your office to the cloud phone system.

UCaaS also helps reduce costs through its use of Voice over IP technology, as there is no need to pay for analog phone lines. You also provide better customer service because you can cater to your clients’ needs as quickly as possible. You simply have to have your office number redirected to your mobile phone.

Should you fail to pick up the client’s call, your ring groups can re-route the call and send it to whoever is available. Such features make UCaaS the most convenient option for businesses and their multitasking managers. Unified communications can reduce the chances of losing clients because you can immediately attend to their concerns and inquiries.

UCaaS also creates a strong presence among the team. You don’t have to put the client on hold in case you are looking for the right person to send the call. Lights, buttons, or notifications of each team member (think of the green availability bullet on FB messenger) indicate who’s currently online or on-site to handle the call. 

Likewise, you can sync contacts and create a large database so that transferring calls is easier. This becomes a practical solution to companies with team members abroad or across the country. Voice over IP bridges distance and is perfect for offshore businesses.

Part of the beauty of having unified communications is the manageability of the entire team. There is less administration — hence fewer people — to deal with. Your focus is on your clients and how to keep them. Streamlining the administration and creating a central portal for communication decreases confusion, frustration, and waiting time on the clients’ part.

And don’t worry about crashes. Most UCs have overlapping programs that save operations in case a tool experiences downtime. Because voice data is stored, it can still be accessed even when there are maintenance or downtime issues. These performance redundancies keep the business running every time, thus providing reliable service.

Through UC, company stakeholders can work together real-time. They can address changes and problems across various channels, giving them the edge in competition. This support is crucial in implementing new procedures in the company.

With the latest collaboration tools available in UC, you can elevate and meet the expectations of both your business partners and clients. Integrating communications products in one interface paves the way for global expansion, and a smooth transition while you’re at it.

In addition, you have tools at your disposal to support the company’s development. Once you harness the power of cloud technology, it would be virtually impossible to NOT access and utilize other cutting-edge tools. Figuratively speaking, UC opens doors to greater, more advanced technology and processes. 

Security, for instance, is covered in UC. Cloud storage ensures that confidential data is not compromised. UCaaS providers have certifications and credentials; not everybody can be a provider, so you’re sure to be dealing with compliant and professional vendors.

It is a challenge, however, for companies utilizing Unified communications, since employees may still be hesitant to embrace changes in operations. But true to its name and nature, UC unifies employees and programs with a single solution. No one is exempt in the transition. Once a department applies UC in their operations, the rest will have to follow suit. 

The upside here is that UC promotes a positive culture of change through the shared responsibility of employees and business owners. Truly, UCaaS does not only benefit clients, but employees as well. There’s improved productivity, agility, responsiveness, and a healthy approach to technological advancement. 

Having a unified communications strategy can be a good stepping stone to success, without risking too much. UCs are always a win-win option, and businesses that choose to remain in the dark are clearly missing an important facet of global expansion and successful collaboration.

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